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We are now taking reservations.
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We are the Cervantes family and our goal

is to introduce and share our love of  Peruvian cooking with South Jersey.  Follow us on Instagram 




Papa a la huancaina   10

Boiled potato sliced and smothered in a mild aji amarillo cheese sauce. Topped with hardboiled egg and olive.

Yuca la huancaina   12

Fired yuca smothered in a mild aji amarillo cheese sauce. Topped with hardboiled egg and olive.

Papa rellena    12

Fried mashed potato, stuffed with beef, onions, egg & olive. Served topped with salsa criolla and rocoto crema.

Salchipapas   10

Sliced and fried hotdogs served with fries.

Ceviches  20

Clasico- Aji amarillo- Rocoto  

Corvina fish cured with lime juice, leche de tigre, aji limo. Served with red onion, sweet potato, peruvian corn and cancha.

 Ceviche mixto   22

Clasico - Aji amarillo - Rocoto

Corvina, shrimp, octopus & squid rings cured with lime juice, leche de tigre.  Served with red onion, sweet potato, peruvian corn and cancha.


Potato fries sm Lg 8

Yuca fries  8

Platano maduro  6

House salad  6

Plain chaufa 7

White rice 4

Beans  6

Rice & Beans 9

House sauces

Aji pollero

The Green Sauce

Rocoto crema




Crema volteada  6

Peruvian version of Spanish Flan.


Picarones  9

Sweet potato and squash doughnuts drizzled with a fruity and spiced syrup.


Chicha Morada

Purple Corn Drink

made in house. 

1 ltr. bottle 7

1/2 ltr. bottle 4 

12oz. can

Inca Kola   3


20 oz. bottles 3.75.75

Coca-Cola products

Pollo a la brasa

Rotisserie chicken

Whole chicken with fries and two side salads. 32

Whole chicken with fries or two side salads. 27

Whole chicken  22

1/2 chicken with fries and salad. 18

1/4 chicken with fries and salad. 14


Lomo saltado  24

Peruvian beef stir fry. Prime sirloin strips, red onions, plum tomatoes, cilantro, served with white rice and potato fries.

Chaufa de pollo  16

Chicken fried rice, scallions and egg.

Chaufa de chancho  16 

Pork tenderloin fried rice, scallions and egg.

Chaufa de camarones 20

Shrimp fried rice, scallions and egg.

Chaufa de mariscos  22

Shrimp, bay scallops, calamari fried rice, scallions and egg.

Chaufa de lomo  22

Beef fried rice, scallions and egg.

Ají de gallina  20

shredded chicken breast in a creamy mild aji amarillo sauce served on top of potatoes with a side of  white rice.

Frejoles con Seco  22

Canary beans topped with a cilantro beef stew, sides of  white rice and salsa criolla.

Pescado a lo macho 32

Pan fried mahi mahi fish, topped with a creamy seafood sauce of shrimp, bay scallops and calamari rings. Served with white rice.

Arroz con ¼ pollo a la brasa  22   con ½ pollo 26

Cilantro rice, peas, peruvian corn, carrots, topped with salsa criolla. served with rotisserie chicken and huancaina sauce.

Arroz con mariscos  26

Seafood rice, shrimp, scallops, octopus, calamari, cilantro, Peruvian corn, carrots, peas and topped with

 salsa criolla.

Pescado frito  24

Mahi mahi filet pan fried topped with salsa criolla, served with yuca fries and white rice. Choice of aji sauce.

Tallarines Saltado 26

Our juicy lomo saltado tossed with linguine pasta.

Tallarines verde con bistec 26

Linguine pasta tossed in a  peruvian pesto sauce of basil and spinach and served with a sirloin steak. 

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Wednesday   Closed

Thursday   12pm - 8pm

Friday         12pm - 9pm

Saturday    12pm - 9pm

Sunday         1pm - 7pm

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